The Danger of Fad Diets and Why They Never Work.

When desperate to loss weight, people tend to lean toward fad dieting, due to their tendency to offer “instant” results. They’re always commercially successful, but they leave their practitioners without many options and issues with health. In short order, another one fad will take its place. Fad diet work in the since that they do require the body to go without certain food building blocks, such as carbohydrates.

These diets are too restrictive and hard to maintain over a long period of time, which can be detrimental to their health.

Also, once the item is reintroduced, it ultimately causes the person to regain weight. They always deliver minimal and short-term results that prey upon people’s insecurities and body issues. Fad diets present unrealistic results, and encourage users to push their bodies to unnecessary limits, instead of using balanced meals and exercise.

It would probably be best to not mention some of the more ridiculous diets that have claimed unparalleled success, such as the Chocolate and Pasta Diet or the Magnetic Diet, but it’s important to point out that some people took these diets seriously, even though they seemed far fetched. Sometimes national vanity and obsession with body standards get the best of the community, and dieters buy into bad ideas for the promise of quick and easy results.

Other, more successful, plans, like the Atkins diet, promise users that the weight would just drop off, and all they had to do was completely remove carbohydrates from meal intake. The purpose was to change the body’s metabolism to high protein foods.

It works in theory, but the results were short-term.

The diet also caused a massive increase in loss of muscle mass, blood sugar levels, and caloric intake, and proved to be a very unhealthy tactic.

Although the Atkins Diet is an idea of the past, there’s always a current craze. Currently, Cleansing or Liquid Diet is very popular. It encourages steps to continue the program, such as chugging maple syrup or cayenne concoctions. The diet also limits users to a regimen of juice liquids to flush out the toxins in your body. Many celebrities and representatives have thrown figures around, but they’re based on a false premise.

Liquid diets in the long-term can cause serious damage to your body and lead to disordered eating.

There isn’t a quick fix or magic bullet for weight loss.It’s important to note that technology has increased our understanding of how the body works, when it works best. Every person is different and burns fat in different ways. This realization is an important part of changing habits for weight loss. Technology and healthier living has worked well together for dieting and alternatives for other health risks, such as smoking. The electronic cigarette is an example of how, if used wisely, technology and knowledge of the body can give results that don’t put the human body under duress. When a diet craze in pill form or any other delivery vehicle boasting the latest technological breakthrough pops up, keep this in mind – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.