Full restoration ancient UAZ 469 | Restoring and repair antique uaz 469 cars

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Full restoration ancient UAZ 469 | Restoring and repair antique uaz 469 cars
Hi . How are you . The covid pandemic affects people all over the world. It seriously affected the process of restoring and rebuilding the uaz 469. All the important parts that we found and ordered were not delivered as expected. We sincerely apologize to the audience who are interested and support this project of ours. We ask for permission to stop this important project. Hope the covid pandemic is overcome and life can be peaceful. In this video we share our entire uaz restoration process. Have a nice day full of health.
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DT Restoration
  • DT Restoration

    DT Restoration

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    Yes. it's like that. It's the same as what's in the video and the video description. I am very sorry about this. But please sympathize with me and continue with me on new projects. thanks a lot !

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      Tank broo

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      @Alexsander Miranda,

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    Ntirho wa wena wo sasekile buti khomisa tani

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    ну ты и дикобраз

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    Steve Bishop

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    Great video, Was hoping the restoration of the chassis, Subframe And other body parts, but alas no.
    Also hoping to see the installation of all the mechanical parts, alas no.
    And the final reveal in working order, alas no.
    Hope you do finish it.

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    Its show's you are hard worker.. amazing..talent

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    Вот кому-то делать нехуй,надеюсь он продаст потом этот унитаз!

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    هذا فاهم شغله صح 👍
    انا دخلت احسبها السياره الي في بوبجي 😂
    ولكن عجبني شغلهم وكملت الفيديو 😂

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    Upload the full video

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    waiting for the full restoration on the next video. Hope to see a wonder. . .

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    First time seeing UAZ in real life......😁
    Only pubg players can understand

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    unbelievable..no safety shoes dea;ing with those heavy parts. A single drop of one of those on a foot and the video turns into a nursery session.

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    Hammering in bearings and seals, guessing torque specs, crankshaft tolerances done by sandpaper, hand grinding pistons...I would have left the engine "as is", just a cleanup and that would have been all.

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    Седла клапанов не протирались.что там с посадочными отверстиями не ясно
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    Краска с краскопульта попадала на каналы там где она в принципе не должна быть.
    Это ремонт для хомяков,которые автомобиль видели на картинках в интернете.
    Больно смотреть.
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      DT Restoration

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      thanks for the comment

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