Best Way to Apply Liquid Foundation.

It’s important to know how to properly apply foundation as the overall look of your makeup will depend on this. Foundations are used as the base of your makeup, so improper application can also result in a messed up look.

What is the Best Way to Apply Liquid Foundation?

Typically, liquid foundation can by applied by using a sponge. With a sponge, you can easily work in spreading said substance onto your face and make sure that it is spread evenly.

When using a sponge, however, make it a point that it’s clean and free from germs. Using a contaminated sponge can lead to breakouts, pimples, and other infections. So it’s important to disinfect this makeup tool at least once a week.

Can you use your fingers when applying liquid foundation? Yes, you can. But you should also make sure that your fingers are clean when using these as makeup applicators.

Choosing a Foundation:

In order to have a neat finished look, the right type of foundation should be used at all times. If you are not sure as to the proper shade of foundation for you, consult a makeup expert for this. The sales people in department stores can assist you when choosing shades of foundations that are suitable to your color.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are unsure about makeup colors. Using improper colors that don’t match your skin can make you look weird and unattractive.

The Right Way to Apply Foundation:

Always apply a thin layer of foundation onto your face and let your skin absorb it before applying other types of makeup. You want to avoid having a caked look, so you don’t want to apply a thick layer of this substance. Doing so can also make you look like a clown; and we certainly don’t want that.

One final thing. You should also apply foundation on your neck area as you would want your face and your neck to have the same shade. The best way to apply liquid foundation is to make your overall makeup look natural so that your natural beauty can shine out too.